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Battle of the 937 Powerlifting program

Battle of the 937 Powerlifting program

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- This is the exact program used by our athletes to prep for our recent powerlifting meet here in Snap fitness Xenia.

- 5 day / 12 week program.

- This program was built off google sheets and has a auto programming feauture to which you can just plug in your information, and it will auto create the program for you!

- pre-programmed percentages as well as RPE scales

- Includes full mobility / recover tab.

- Also includes a weakpoint guide to address issues that you may have within the Squat, Bench and Deadlift. 

- Small Hyper block along with a strength and peaking blocks. Full primer week leading up to the meet / test day. 

- Upon purchasing, Please provide your email (preferred GMAIL) - I will then send you a copy of the program within 24 hours